Posted by: cck | June 28, 2012


I’m still losing weight – which is absolutely blissful.  After several years of battling my weight (what?  I have a love affair with french fries), it seems almost easy to drop pounds.  Of course, now that I say that all I can think about are really good french fries.  Sigh.

Today, C3 and I went for an early morning walk along the Trail – and it was fantastic to be outside before the heat hit.  I’ve been trying to exercise every day, which in real-speak means I’m doing something purely physical every few days.  Like, maybe twice a week.  I’m trying really hard to increase the frequency.  I want my daughter to have a fit mom.  I could care less whether I’m a size 10 or a size 20 – I want her to see exercise as something fun, not something to dread.

I was shopping the other day, and a skinny mom and her two pretty young daughters were in front of me in line.  They were young – maybe seven or eight.  The mom said they were going home and she was going to fix them sandwiches.  One of the girls turned up her nose (literally) and instead said she wanted a salad because she wasn’t eating carbs.  !!!

I realize she was mimicking something she probably heard her mom (and/or her dad) say.  It just hit me that everything I’m doing will be repeated by my daughter.  If I show a healthy, normal relationship with food, so will she.  If I’m fit and active, she’ll have a better chance of being fit and active.

I’ve always had a healthy body image.  She will be beautiful because she is confident.  She will be beautiful because she is strong and smart and brave and compassionate and charming, and her beauty will come from within.  If she has issues with her body, we’ll deal with it.  But holy hell, I hope she’s only asking for a salad at age seven because she really wants some veggies – not because she’s trying to adhere to some society-driven ideal.

How do I make sure she has a healthy body image?  Fish.*


*Fish = Fuck it, shit happens.  I’m trying to curse less.  We’ll see how it goes.



  1. We said french fry for a while instead of asshole, figuring worst case she’d think french fries were awful. Lord knows I wish I could teach her that so she’d avoid them, but we all know that’s a lie, they are awesome.

    I love this post, I’m struggling soo much with this now. I absolutely hate my body and can’t get out of my own head to do truly do something about it, yet I don’t want my daughter to feel the same way. You are a great Mama!

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