Posted by: cck | June 16, 2012

something interesting

So, I wasn’t expecting my brain to feel like lukewarm mashed potatoes.  I get that it’s normal… But holy hell.

I cannot stand how much I enjoy this.  It’s odd – I was not expecting to like the whole shebang so much.  Y’all, my inner Donna Reed is shining.  I even like cleaning (okay, that’s a stretch).

I’ve lost almost all my baby weight – three pounds to go.  And then about 80 more after that.  Luckily, I’ve got a plummeting appetite and a weird low-grade stomach ache helping me along.  I’m so not complaining – sort of hope it sticks around for a few more months.  I can use the help.

Today, we’re chilling on the couch.  And playing with our baby when she deems us interesting enough to open her eyes.  We’ve run some errands (I did, while dadand baby napped), and finished some chores.  It’s weird how  our world has slowed down to a snail’s pace.


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