Posted by: cck | June 8, 2012

labor, continued

At seven centimeters, I still thought I was being a wimp about the contractions.  I was laboring against the side of the bed at this point,and trying not to be too whiny.  What I didn’t know is that the contractions were doubles and triples – and off the scale.  I thought they were at level two…  And all I cared about was getting the damn epidural.  Well, that and meeting my daughter.

I kept repeating that over and over again…  I get to meet my daughter today. I pictured her face, her body, her hands and toes and would tell anyone who came in the room – I get to meet my daughter today.  I get a baby.

Could I have continued without the epidural?  Maybe.  But there was absolutely no desire to do so.  K and I were both worried I would progress too much and miss my window.  Thanks to the cool headed team of Cathy and Katie, I got the epidural and all was right in the world.  Looking back, I’m glad I had the experience of labor – but getting the epidural was amazeballs.  Seriously, look at both our faces.

We were tasked with “laboring down” and getting some rest.  Without any sleep, we were both a bit punchy so we settled down and napped on and off for about an hour.  We were just so damn excited.  After a short visit with family, it was announced that my daughter had settled down, my water had finally broken (stubborn bag – the doctor couldn’t even get it with her knitting needle thing), and we were going to start pushing.

Pushing.  Hmm…  It’s odd.  They told me to push like I was constipated – but, being the oh-so-regular gal that I am, I found it a bit foreign.  We practiced while part of the epidural wore off, and then it was ON.  K had one knee, Becki-the-Brilliant held the other and we cracked each other up during contractions.  K would push too and then have to leave the room to fart.  Y’all – it was hysterical.

After two short hours – which I’ve been assured is very respectable for a first time labor – I had my daughter.  I can remember the feeling when her head broke free, and the second push that brought her into this world and into my arms.  It was… intense.  And I was in awe.

I didn’t feel love right away – that’s a pure movie construction, I think – but I felt this overwhelming sense of calm.  Like everything was right in the world.  My entire family was there – my darling husband, my beautiful daughter.  She was placed on my chest, and cleaned up, and K and I marveled at the sight of her.

Girlfriend had HAIR.  And beautiful eyes.  And the most perfect little rosebud lips.  She has K’s complexion – and while she looked just like me as a baby for her first few days, she now resembles K more and more.  After two hours or so (we were greedy with our alone time), our families came up to see the blessed child.  And it was beautiful.

I wish I could be more eloquent about this experience.  It was a day full of awe for me – I think I was a bit in shock.  I’ve never seen K so happy, so proud, so complete.  It’s a beautiful thing, being this family.



  1. This is a lovely (and hilarious) birth story! I’m so glad she’s here safe and healthy.

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