Posted by: cck | June 7, 2012

a whole new world

My daughter is a week old – and my world has completely changed.

Let’s see…  labor.  You don’t have to read this… but I figured I wanted some sort of record.  See, it was great.  I’m almost afraid to talk about it.  In the middle of it, I announced I wanted four more kids.  It was an absolutely awesome experience, and I cannot wait to do it again.

Memorial Day I had a complete and total break down.  I was over being pregnant, over working, over being stressed and worrying about labor.  I basically threw a tantrum.  Poor K, he was pretty amazing about the whole thing.  He made me take a nap – took care of me completely.  I guess C3 heard me, because I started having contractions late evening.

I started paying attention around 11pm.  It was late, and I was grumpy.  We started timing them around midnight.  I took a long shower – and I started annoying K around 1 am.  By 2:30, they were regular and about 5 minutes apart.  We headed to the hospital, fully expecting we’d be sent home like last time.  We did, however, pack up the car.  We giggled and held hands like we were on our way to the movies.  I was convinced my baby was going to be born.

When we got on the labor and delivery floor, I was 100% effaced but only 1 cm dilated.  Our doctor told us to walk the floors – so walk we did.  For an hour, we lapped the L&D floor.  K kept me laughing through the contractions.  After the hour, I’d only progressed a half centimeter.  Lemme tell you – I was bummed.  And more than determined.

We made a few more laps, but the contractions were getting bad.  K kept me going with a soundtrack: we shared headphones and powered through with the help of R Kelly and Nelly (it was like South Tower all over again, sweartogawd).  I felt like a total wimp grasping at the hand rails in the hallway, so I started pacing in the room.  After about 45 minutes, I was back on the monitors, and the contractions were not completely regular.  I was told to relax for a few minutes while shift changed happened.  That’s when Becki came in to do a check.  She asked if I had ever damaged my cervix.

Um, no.

Because I was 7 cm dilated and we were getting the party STARTED.


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