Posted by: cck | May 20, 2012

the nursery, part two

The nursery is as done as it’s going to be… at least this week.  If C^3 doesn’t deem to arrive this week, I might try the roman shade project again, maybe.

Somehow, the colors are really really bright – not that they’re pastel by any means – but they’re not so… um… day-glow in real life.  There are more pictures on flickr, if you’re so inclined.  There are also a few more frames to be put up on the walls, once we find some nails that will actually stay in the walls.

It’s been a really fun process thus far – although K might have a different opinion.  It’s sort of magical when you sit in the glider, with the shadows on the wall.  I love it; it’s exactly what I wanted for my first daughter.


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