Posted by: cck | May 9, 2012

obsess much?

I have been known to obsess over details.  I am – at times – very detail oriented.  These days, I’m spending an inordinate amount of time thinking about relatively insignificant things… like what nail polish to wear on my toes or whether or not I will want my own pajamas during delivery.  Want to travel into my neurosis for a bit?  Come with me, friends.

Nail Polish:
I’m rocking out with Essie Mademoiselle on my fingers and toes, but with a little extra sumpin’ sumpin’ over it on my toes.  It’s totally not me, but I feel like a little bling on my daughter’s day of birth is warranted, so I’m going with Essie’s A Cut Above.

Baked Goods Bribery:
I want to bring some baked goods for the L&D nurses (and for the folks on the post-partum floor, what up Witt7!).  I found a recipe for Marbled Cheesecake Brownies from Smitten Kitchen.  Deb even claims I can freeze them (she did).  I’m also rocking out the blueberry bars, also from Smitten Kitchen, because they are delish AND freeze well.  I also was part of the craziness on facebook that ordered a sample of the new Girl Scout Cookie candy bars.  If they can be saved, they might go to L&D too.

Coming Home Outfit:
At this point, I have three…  a simple white onesie, a cute dress with matching diaper cover from Etsy, and a cuter dress from Zulily that I hope will arrive in time.  All are monogrammed in pink in order to match her darling hat from her Grami and little rose socks I found on sale at Janie & Jack’s. I also have the cutest seersucker diaper cover. Y’all, I cannot stop putting her initials on clothing.

Stocking the Freezer:
We did a pretty good Costco run last week, so my freezer has mushroom ravioli, margherita pizza, and freezer-to-oven eggplant parm.  I’ve also made and frozen: wontons, creamy chicken taquitosmini chicken pot pies, white chicken enchiladas, and individual servings of artichoke spinach dip (with extra spinach and extra artichokes, obvs).  I feel like snack foods are going to be important post-partum, and so I’m looking for one more dip like thing that can be frozen in individual servings…  (I sort of rocked the creation of the individual dippers.  I used small bakers lined with parchment paper and filled them with the dip.  Then I stuck the bakers in the freezer for a few hours till they were frozen, but not super hard.  Pop those suckers out and stick ’em in a large baggie.  Now I can pull out a block of dip, zap it in the microwave, and dig in.  It’s almost pinterest worthy.)

Packing the Bag:
I’ve heard all sorts of advice about what to pack in the bag.  I’ve got a bathing suit for me and the K in case we want to get in the shower and/or the whirpool.  I’ve got pajamas for K, which were a new purchase because he doesn’t often wear pajama pants and I figured the nurses could only take so much K-family nakedness at a time.  I even found some socks with grippies on the bottom – but with no toes!  I hate things covering my toes.  There’s chapstick – plenty of chapstick.  And snacks for the K.  I probably need to do some actual laundry and make it past the list phase and actually put things in the bag.  Oh, but then it’s so very real.

That’s it though – isn’t it?  It’s all so very real.  Last night, K said he thinks she’s going to arrive on May 18th.  When I asked why, he didn’t have a clue – but I am thankful he’s given up on this June business.  I don’t think I can last till June.  I’m swollenly pregnant and I’m running out of things to obsess over.  If I stop obsessing about the only things I can control, I might start worrying about the things I can’t.  I’m choosing to believe it’s better to wash her clothes three times than worry about my blood pressure restricting her growth.

I’m so excited I can’t stand it.  I am so ready to meet my daughter.  I cannot wait.



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