Posted by: cck | May 7, 2012

catching up

I had a great weekend.  I saw The Avengers – and it was absolutely hysterical.  I’m serious – like, laugh out loud funny.  I also was able to eat a giant popcorn without viewable judgement from anyone.  Okay, I could only make it through half a giant popcorn.  It was still awesome.

We *finally* got the nursery settled… mostly settled.  I need curtains in there – and I can’t decide on the print.  Today though – today is the day!  I’m ordering something, from somewhere.  I love sitting in there – it sort of feels magical.  I promise, pictures are coming once I get the curtains done.

In other news, I visited the Labor & Delivery floor last night.  I finally know what a contraction feels like – and looks like on a monitor.  I was having what I thought was just round ligament pain, which turned into Braxton Hicks, which turned into me crying every time I moved.  Or breathed.  I felt like I had good control over the situation, only I didn’t.  It got worse, and worse.

By the end of Sunday, K had had enough of my gasps and tears.  I called the doctor’s office and she suggested we get over to L&D and get on a monitor.  First, the nurses at L&D are amazing.  I was scared, K was scared – and they were incredibly calm.  I was having contractions, but I wasn’t effaced or dilated.  Apparently, I need to rest.  A lot more rest.

So today, after learning that I’m 70% effaced (whoa!), I decided to do exactly that.  I’ve kept my feet up.  I’ve taken three naps.  I may even work from the couch tomorrow.  I think the trip to Chicago wore me out more than I thought.  My doctor today said her goal is to get me to 38 weeks.

38 weeks is two weeks away people.  I went from 0% to 70% effaced in less than twelve hours.  My body is getting ready to expel this fetus.  And I cannot wait.  I keep focusing on that every time I move and have to focus on something other than the pain…  I’m getting a baby.  Soon.




  1. Yay!! Keep those feet up, you’re doing great! I’m beyond excited for you (and I don’t even really know you!)

  2. Thanks, Beth! I feel like we should have crossed paths somewhere in the Upstate.

  3. I know! We must have. I’m guessin you don’t go back to the G’vegas that often, alas. We’ll be back later in the summer for a visit. Plus, I think I found you originally way back when Laurin had you linked off her blog. Ahh, small world.

  4. […] about 5 minutes apart.  We headed to the hospital, fully expecting we’d be sent home like last time.  We did, however, pack up the car.  We giggled and held hands like we were on our way to the […]

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