Posted by: cck | May 2, 2012


I just had a great doctor visit.  Y’all, the smile on my face is stretching from ear to ear.

All of my labs came back normal – even the crazy 24 hour urine test.  (sidenote: the 24 hour urine test is insane.  I’ve had one before… but never before with so much pee.  In 24 hours, I collected nearly a gallon and a half of urine.  It staggers the mind.)  Have I mentioned how much I absolutely LOVE hearing “normal.”  It’s fantastic.

When I asked if I’d have to repeat the tests, the answer was no.  If there’s any reason they’d be concerned enough to run tests, starting next week they’ll just induce.  INDUCE.  As in, have my baby.  As soon as next week.  WHOA.  Starting next week – 36 weeks – they’ll start measuring whether or not I’m dilated.  I’m elated.  Excited.  Overjoyed.

I am so ready to meet this little person.  I want her to stay in my womb as long as she wants – I do.  At the same time, I want this next step, the beginning of the next adventure.  Anyway, I pulled out of the doctor’s office giggling.  We’re in the homestretch.  I get to meet my daughter soon.


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