Posted by: cck | April 29, 2012


My belly button looks like a small tortellini.  Prior to starting my freshman year at USC, I pierced my navel in  a fit of rebellion.  I can now see – when looking at a mirror at least- the small scar where the ring went in and out of my belly.

After returning home from Chicago, I was sort of proud of myself for getting through a trip this late in my pregnancy.  I’ll admit, I felt a little smug.  Yeah, that all came crashing down last night as I endured a few hours of on-again/off-again Braxton Hicks.  I’m officially ungainly – as in, completely ungainly.  There’s no solution but to give birth.  Come on baby!

We’re in the final countdown.  There’s a pack n’play in my bedroom waiting for its newest tenant.  I finally finished sewing the crib skirt and the maskros light fixture is hanging over the newly-assembled glider.  I packed a bag for me, one for K, one for the baby, and one for George the dog.  We are very close to being completely ready…  as ready as we could possibly be.

There are five more weeks to go, but I think we’ll be meeting this little girl sooner than that.  Of course, that could just be wishful thinking from this blimp.  K keeps telling me how beautiful I am – and it’s reassuring to see it in his eyes.  It’s not that I don’t feel “pretty,” it’s more that I want to feel like myself (and only myself) again.  Now that it’s totally possible for her to exist and flourish outside of my body, I feel more and more like it’s time to get on with the adventure.

Five more weeks.



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