Posted by: cck | April 16, 2012


You know the moment when you realize you’re all kinds of crunchy…  Crunchy hair, crunchy attitude, crunchy everything?  I was there last week.  It wasn’t so much the pregnancy – although the 4.5 lb baby I’m toting around might have had something to do with my comfort level.  It was working without a day off since Christmas, a to-do list a mile long, and I’m just going to say it – barometric pressure.  It was just a-pressin’ on me.*

So, I did what any sane thirty-something would do.  I escaped.  I claimed a precious vacation day, and headed down to Casey Key to spend some time with family.  And man… there was a private beach.  I felt like the 1% and it was niiiiiiice.  I floated in the Gulf for hours.  I soaked up sun – even on my my whiter than white baby bump.  I laughed, a lot.

I came back home completely recharged.  Honestly, how could I not?

I’m facing down the last seven weeks.  Seven weeks is nothing, people.  And I made the oh-so-silly mistake to watch The Baby Story on TLC today during lunch.  I am idiot.  It was a totally normal episode – nothing harrowing or scary, but I did cry like a baby during it.  (see what I did there?)

*One of my favorite South Carolina politicians is Inez Tenenbaum.  She is slight.  Tiny.  Very petite.  And she used to comment on the barometric pressure.  It was totally conceivable that it would actually press on her.  I doubt very much that barometric pressure could be a-pressin’ on me at this time in my giantness.



  1. Promise me this baby won’t wear all red the first 40 days of her life.

  2. If someone would sponsor a bus (the red dress express), I might consider it.

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