Posted by: cck | April 6, 2012

31 week report

We (as in, C^3, K, and me) had an ultrasound and a doctor visit this morning…  She’s still a little booger and wouldn’t show all of her face.  I did get some video – thanks again to the amazing (and persistent) tech.  She’s got a little pug nose and a little round face and looks surprisingly like her Pop.  Those K genes are strong!

She’s also a bruiser.  I’m measuring a week big, and she’s measuring big.  She’s long and chubby… which is exactly how I imagine her.  Any dreams I had of having a seven pounder have been dashed.  I was almost nine pounds – I know this.  I also know that I’m overweight and the odds of having a big baby are higher.  If anything, it’s all pretty exciting.  It’s like getting to peek behind the curtain for a moment.

My blood pressure is awesome – 107/70.  Yeah, baby!  I’m cleared for travel – with another doctor’s appointment in the middle before my departure.  And then, there was this…  apparently my nipples are just awesome for breastfeeding.  I felt so proud.  Which is just so ODD.  Proud of my rack?  Sure.  But, proud of my nipples?  This is a new one.  First of many I’m sure.


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