Posted by: cck | April 5, 2012

so many updates

I’ve started approximately seven posts in the last seven days, only to realize they’re really snippets of information.  So I’m just going to get them all out of the pipeline in ONE MASSIVE POST and move on to next week.  You with me?


Despite a room full of stuff, I still find myself needing things.  Like 0-3 size pajamas and 6 month long sleeve onesies (of which I have none).  I have 22 short sleeve onesies, size 0-3…  So, sort of an imbalance.  And there’s still all the not fun stuff – like baby monitor, baby bath and breastfeeding kit to purchase.  Not that it’s boring stuff – but I can totally see wanting to buy pink frilly ruffly stuff rather than a boppy pillow.  But we did get the stroller and car seat – and I love and adore it.  I think it may be my favorite baby thing thus far.


Easter is this weekend and we’re making the trek to my great aunt and uncle’s a little further south – it’s a tradition we started when I moved to Florida, and I love spending Easter with them.  This year, we’ll have a ton of folks around as it’s turning into a family gathering and I can not wait.  I really like all my second cousins – and their kids and wives.

I’ve decided to make something I saw on pinterest (of course) – little cupcake-like things that are actually baked in an egg shell.  K took one look and pronounced that the project was destined for failure.  I too see the potential for doom, but I shall not be deterred!  I’m thinking of using a straw to remove some of the middle and filling them with strawberry, lemon, or blueberry buttercream.  Yeah, maybe a giant chocolate easter bunny might be a better move.  I’ll let you know how that works out.


I’m reading Bringing Up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman.  I’m a total Francophile – and while I want to move there immediately so I can put C^3 in a creche, I know that’s probably not going to happen (sad panda face).  Instead, the whole idea of raising a child who awakens to the world around them is pretty neat – and sort of lines up with how I envisioned the whole raising a child thing.  Well, I might add in some baby sign language.  I also love how the French refer to a baby sleeping through the night – “doing her nights.”  Here’s hoping…

Seriously – it’s a good read, I’m enjoying and flying through it.  I might read it twice as my pregnancy brain by the end of the night leaves a bit to be desired.


My boss asks if I want to go to Chicago for a week – either now or in September.  Um.  I’ll be 34 weeks pregnant.  I do want to go – it’s a great opportunity for me (yeah, investments in the workforce!), but I’m a bit worried.  Tomorrow’s doctor appointment will either green light or cease the travel planning.

Also – a week in Chicago?  It might be nice for a break where the high is only supposed to be 64 and not 85.  Amirite?


Heading to the doctor tomorrow – we get to see the best-rated ob-gyn in our county AND we get another chance to see if the prima donna will show her face.  We’ve got a size ultrasound scheduled, and the very nice tech said she’d turn on the 4D machine.  Crossing my fingers for the third time.


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