Posted by: cck | March 26, 2012

so lucky

K and I interviewed a (the) pediatrician for Miss C^3.  We are so lucky…  Can we take a moment to acknowledge the privilege that I have so many choices to care for my baby?  I actually get the benefit of interviewing a board-certified doctor.  Man, we’re lucky.  And so, we chose K’s pediatrician.  He was just starting out when he took care of the K kids, and now there’s a thriving practice (with hours seven days a week!).  The doc was tickled to see K and we are both tickled with the doc.

I’m having a baby.  I know this – K knows this, but it’s sort of amazing how it rolls over you day after day.  I’m glad we’ve got seven and a half months to get everything ready.  Although, knowing how we both procrastinate, we probably could have used seventeen months.  There’s still a lot to be done: sanding and spray painting, hanging things, general cleaning.  It’s coming together, albeit slower than I had planned.  I suppose that’s pretty normal considering I’m moving a lot slower than I had planned.  All in all, things are great.  Now to get through the next ten weeks!



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