Posted by: cck | March 21, 2012

head on

I get another chance to see my daughter today!  Yippee for 4D ultrasound repeats!  Let’s hope she’s actually moved away from my hip and wants to face the world.  Let’s also hope my blood pressure is under control.

One of the best parts about pregnancy is the new ability to avoid difficult situations.  All of my energy is focused on growing this person inside of me.  What family drama?  What crazy emails from my family of origin?  What unnecessary work stress?  Yup – I’m streamlining things and it’s been remarkably easy.

I probably should have done this years ago…

UPDATE:  This baby was not in the mood for pictures.  She’s totally a contortionist and was butt up the whole time.  We have another ultrasound scheduled in two weeks to check on her growth.  The blood pressure meds can restrict growth, so we’re going to double check that for the next ten weeks.  The tech is so nice – she said to remind her and she’d fire up the 4D again.  Other than that, alls good in my uterus!



  1. What an uncooperative little bugger! I’m glad she’s doing well, though. Hope you get some views of her face next time.

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