Posted by: cck | March 13, 2012


I have a problem trying to rationalize things I’ll never be able to rationalize.  I suppose it’s my desire to be logical and sane, but really – some things will never make sense.  Miracle Whip.  Leap Day.  The color lime green.

Lately, I’ve been spending energy where it doesn’t belong.  When I read about my immune system being compromised during the third trimester, I didn’t realize it would also mean my emotional immune system.  Thank goodness I have touchstones ALL AROUND ME.  Whew, I knew I set up that rock solid suport system for a reason.

In other news, I totally passed my glucose test!  Yeah!  Fist bump!  So now I’m only worrying about the gestational hypertension and NOT about the dia-beat-us.  The crib is built (K went all home improvement before I left town on Sunday – baby prison complete!).  We are full speed ahead on having this baby.  Which is probably good as she’s coming whether we’re ready or not!


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