Posted by: cck | March 8, 2012

she rolled her eyes

If I wasn’t sure this was my child, there is absolute proof…  My baby rolled her eyes at me.

Well, maybe not *at* me, to be true – but in the general direction of the ultrasound wand.  We went for the 4D ultrasound yesterday, and got a few pictures.  She’s pretty stubborn, and didn’t want to move away from my hip.  She was facing backwards, toward my spine – so we’ll be heading back for a second try in two weeks.  Thanks to the nicest (and most patient) ultrasound tech ever, we did get a few short videos of Miss C^3.  Also – her noggin is tightly wedged against my left round ligament, which totally explains the weirdness and pain down there.  Whew, I thought I was a total wimp (may still actually be a total wimp).

It was blissful.  Her grandparents were beside themselves – I’ve never seen her Pop look more tickled, other than on the day his son married me.  I’m so glad they came with us – to see her.  Technology is pretty amazing, blah blah blah, but I love how excited everyone is – how happy they are to welcome this child into the world.  She’s so loved already.  I can’t wait till they actually get to meet her, touch her, hold her.  Neither can we.


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