Posted by: cck | March 4, 2012

the night before

It’s the night before the clock ticks over and I’m in my third trimester (yes, we’re doing the 27 week transition).  Whoa.

We attended a childbirth class on Saturday – and it was awful.  Okay, not awful.  I signed us up for a one-day intensive class.  I didn’t realize that meant we wouldn’t cover cesarian section… at all.  I thought the teacher was pretty even handed until it was time to talk about epidurals.  And then it went downhill fast.  She did a little demonstration of how difficult it would be to move once you got your epidural by taping ribbons to a volunteer and then taping the ends of the ribbon to a desk.  “Wouldn’t this be horrible,” she asks?  Um, yeah – but so is writhing in unnecessary pain.  Of course, if you want to do the whole natural childbirth thing – as several people in the class did – I completely support that.  In fact, I admire you a little bit.  It’s just not on my bucket list.

Anyhoodle, I’m feeling pretty good.  We’ve got a 4D Ultrasound scheduled for Wednesday.  K can’t wait to see if she’s got my nose.  We’ll have an audience, as both her grandparents are joining in on the ultrasound fun.  I have never seen two people so ready for a grandchild – for this grandbaby.  Not for the first time since moving here am I glad we’re only 12 minutes away from my in-laws.

Also, round ligament pain – I don’t have words for you anymore.  I hope you die in a fire.

And finally, thank goodness for Girl Scout cookies.  They are absolute crack.



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