Posted by: cck | March 1, 2012

glucose test, again

I had my first prego glucose tolerance test yesterday… and yes, from what I remember, the orange flavor IS better than the lemon-lime.  Luckily, this was only the one-hour version, compared to the two-hour version (75g) I completed pre-pregnancy.  It wasn’t that bad.  I felt a little woozy as I left – which could be as much about the four vials of blood I left behind as the sugary treat.

When I think about it – the 50g beverage is almost as sugary as a can of coke, which weighs in at almost 40g of sugar.  Not that I regularly pound a can of coke, but still… it sort of puts all the whining about the test into perspective.

I am super nervous about all of this.  I don’t want gestational diabetes on top of gestational hypertension.  I know I’m at risk, but I sailed through the other test… so, here’s hoping I sail through this one too.


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