Posted by: cck | February 23, 2012


Whenever I start thinking about complaining, I realize I’m about to enter the third trimester and shit just got real.

After about a week and a half of not sleeping well, I’ve had two nights in a row of solid sleep.  Let’s all remember how important sleep is – not only because it does a body good, but also because it helps hold crazy at bay.  There’s a diference between not getting enough sleep and not needing sleep.  When I don’t get good sleep, and I feel like I don’t need it – that’s when I worry.  This has been different…  it’s more along the lines of not being able to get comfortable.  Or, y’know, entering the third trimester of pregnancy.  Either way, sleep has been lovely.

The round ligament pain has eased off, thankyajeezus.    Now, please – please just let it stay away for a bit.

My belly button is slowly disappearing.  It’s odd, seeing it stretch itself into oblivion.

And finally, I’m nesting.  I cleaned out the linen closet yesterday.  I washed all the sheets, the blankets, and finally I scrubbed the walls.  I scrubbed the walls of my linen closet.  Who does that?


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