Posted by: cck | February 21, 2012

hola 25 weeks

Yup, that’s right…  I’m 25 weeks pregnant.  It feels like yesterday I was peeing on a stick.  In two weeks, I’ll be entering the third trimester.  Holy hell, I’m having a baby.

So far, I’m measuring and gaining right on schedule.  Of course, I now have to take blood pressure medication.  My blood pressure has always been freaky low.  That is, until the arrival of the fetus.  It’s been all over the place – high, low, normal, and then freaky high.  There’s no protein in my urine (whoa, isn’t that a lovely thought), which means I’m not at risk for preeclampsia.  I got to see the doctor I really like, and found out the doctor I didn’t like will be on maternity leave around my due date.  Win/win.

I’m staying away from Dr. Google on this one…  My doctor told me not to worry, and I’m taking her advice.  So I have gestational hypertension?  So what?   I take another pill and call it a day.  Apparently I’ll feel tired, but what else is new?

There’s not much on the agenda this week.  I’m continuing on my crazy endeavor to clean out every closet in the house.  We’ll see how that goes, and when the energy peters out.  This week I’ve been a HUGE fan of the lunchtime nap.  Thank goodness I work at home… it could be really awkward.



  1. Woot, 25 weeks! High BP during pregnancy happened to me, too. Unfortunately, it never went down after, so once that sweet baby is here if it doesn’t come down on it’s own, learn from my mistakes and get your butt in gear and make sure you don’t wind up like me!! I’m currently working hard to get the weight off and get it down.

    I’m sure they are watching you carefully and everything will be great.

  2. Beth, that is so comforting to hear! My refrain is: so far, so good. I’m hoping this quells the weird spikes – on my first visit to the perinatologist, it was 145/105). Of course, on my first visit to my OB, it was 90/65. Go figure!

    Thank you so much for your support! 🙂

  3. Girl, I have major white coat syndrome. Mine is ALWAYS higher when I go in to the doctor. I just went this week (we’ve moved, new doctor) and I was SO nervous it was like 157/110 or something ridiculous at first. You can buy a little machine (the Reli-On one got good reviews and I have that one) and take it at home when you’re less stressed so you can tell the doc what it is “normally”. Plus, for me the longer this has gone on, it’s gotten worse so the higher it is when I go in sometimes Yikes!

    Relax when you can and do what the doctor tells you. Eat lots of protein and fish! 🙂 And exercise if they will let you. I did yoga (it was gentle stretch so it was all old ladies and me) and that, I swear, helped me. When I was put on bed rest, I was so sad I couldn’t do yoga anymore.

  4. Bed rest? OH, gah, is that on my top ten list of fears (along with totally irrational things like club feet). The time it was really high 149/105, it was my first visit to the perinatologist. I blame it on fear of hurting my fetus with lamictal and the chinese food from the night before.

    Was bed rest awful?

    I think I’ll grab a little machine though – it will put my mind at ease and I won’t feel bad pushing the old people off the machine at Publix.

  5. Bed rest was not so much fun, especially for a type A person like me. Hospital bed rest, however, was horrible.

    These are things you need not fear, I would imagine, along with club feet. Hehe. We can have an email conversation if you want to know more, just holler. (I assume you can see my email address…)

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