Posted by: cck | February 18, 2012


It’s Saturday.  The K got up early – as he does every Saturday – for a meeting off at the beach.  Now, I love my husband very much – but an early morning person he is not.  If no one woke him up, I’m pretty sure he’d sleep till 2 pm every single day.  It’s pure dedication that gets him moving at 7 AM on Saturday (even the Saturdays he’s not working at the shop). It’s a dedication I promise never to take for granted.  He’s doing it for him, but there’s a piece of me that knows he’s doing it for us too.  And I’m hella thankful for that.

You know what else I’m thankful for this morning?  The grand ole internets.  I am able to have morning coffee (well, she drinks coffee) with my AC in her kitchen via facetime.  I’m chatting with old friends from high school on facebook about double names.  I’m able to share thoughts, fears and excitements with the heroes of my youth.  It’s absolutely wonderful.

Please excuse the sappiness, but there’s just so much wonderful stuff around me right now.  I cannot help but be glad in it.  Here’s hoping your Saturday is lovely too!


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