Posted by: cck | February 17, 2012

slowly taking shape

Just like she is, her nursery is slowly taking shape.  And by that, I mean I’ve finally put away the half-packed boxes of Christmas stuff so that I can actually see the floor in the guest-room-turned-nursery.  That was step one.  There are about a billion steps left to go.

Luckily, the overachiever in me has taken a giant step back and I’ve reduced that list from a billion to roughly a small million.  Step two on my list?  Don’t freak out.  In fact, I’m trying to take joy in all of the things I’m making for her first real space — and not assuming that I won’t do the same for any future children.  Let’s face it, she’s probably getting all the custom stuff.

I made two state pictures thanks to pinterest.  I bought two canvas 12×12 frames on sale at Michael’s and used the paint from the closet divider project.  I printed out shapes of Florida and South Carolina and taped the print-out to the back of the canvas.  I held up the canvas to a window and simply traced the shapes with a pencil.  Then I painted one mint and one red, and painted the inside of the state white.  I won’t lie, it took a few coats – but it was pretty simple.  And now?  I’ve got her first custom artwork.  (That’s a little scrap of her crib skirt fabric below South Carolina.)

Now only nine hundred, ninety-nine thousand things left to scratch off the list.


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