Posted by: cck | February 15, 2012

what the what?

I’m 24 weeks pregnant.  Aside from the ever-pounding round ligament pain, I’m so enjoying being pregnant.  It really ain’t that bad.

Of course, that is again not an invitation to jinx anything.  Thanks, fate – but I’m good.

Each week I buy more stuff for C^3.  And each week when the UPS man arrives with an box I get more and more excited.  This week, the cutest little fuzzi bunz cloth diapers and alcohol-free hand sanitizer.  I bought a butt-load of the alcohol-free hand sanitizer (K can’t use the normal purell stuff).  What else should arrive this week?  Her first sets of Carolina and FSU gear, two sun suits, and a jazzy changing table cover.  Next week, her mattress will be here – and I hope that gives enough motivation to her father and her pop to set up the crib.  It looks so sad, still packed up and leaning against a wall.

This weekend, before the Knights of Sant Yago Parade in Ybor, we’ll be heading to the Oldsmar Flea Market to find some lamps and a dresser.  I used to be quite the flea market wheeler and dealer, so here’s hoping the luck holds.  I was starting to get overwhelmed by all the little things that need to get done – and so I’m using wunderkit to organize all the little tasks.  I’m actually a fan.  It’s still a little buggy, but it’s pretty intuitive (and did I mention FREE?).  It’s easy to invite people – and folks who have no idea about what a project plan is aren’t going to be blown away.  Now K and I have all the things to be purchased, painted, fixed, arranged, etc all in one place – with dates, tags, assignments…  The organizer in me is squealing in delight.

It seems like everything is falling into place.  Sixteen weeks to go until she gets here.  Whoa.


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