Posted by: cck | February 14, 2012


I’m only slightly ashamed I had to make sure I was spelling that correctly.  Ahem.  Also, warning: this post may be a bit TMI.

I’ve gained weight with this pregnancy – at 24 weeks, nearly 15 pounds.  I thought it was a bit much considering that 12 of that has occurred in the last six weeks, but my doctor reassures me it’s all normal.  And then she looks at me cross-eyed and reminds me that I can’t diet while pregnant.  I usually laugh – “Lady, I didn’t exactly diet before pregnancy.”  I’m concerned about my weight gain because I was overweight to begin with, not because I’m vain.  No gestational diabetes over here, thankyouverymuch.


My bosom continues to grow.  I’ve gone up THREE cup sizes since I found out I was pregnant and holy hell, these things are HUGE.  But, not huge and attractive – as if I’ve just blossomed.  No, these things are clearly stating their purpose: “FEED BAGS.”  Luckily, they’re no longer sore – although I’m sure that will be only a matter of time.  I had a large rack before this pregnancy, so this new development isn’t exactly a shock.  We’ve moved from bras that I can readily buy in stores to the mail-order variety, which also means I now sport something I imagine my great-grandmother wearing.  I also didn’t know bras continued past the letter E.  I think the next size up has a pulley system.  THREE cup sizes people, THREE.


And, they’re still growing.  I’m going to need to hire a sherpa or something.


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