Posted by: cck | February 10, 2012


Last night, I couldn’t sleep. I think the nesting bug has kicked in, because I’m making list after list of things to be done to get us into shape for her arrival.

I was laying there, and I could feel the tap tap tap of some body part that wasn’t my own.  It’s more than a flutter – and after feeling late to the game on the baby moving front, I’m relieved to know she’s in there.  I pulled up my shirt, and just watched my belly.  I’ve been able to see it sort of jiggle in the last few weeks – responses to her in-utero ballet.  I’m mesmerized by it.  And last night, there was a kick, and I could see my skin move and jump and… it was surreal.

Almost four months ago, I saw her heart beat for the first time.  She looked like an egg yolk on the screen.  I cried – as I do almost every time I hear or see her heart.  Perhaps the pregnancy hormones are really kicking in today – but I cannot stop feeling this overwhelming joy and happiness that this is all really happening.  From an egg yolk to making my body move with hers, she is the greatest thing I have ever done.


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