Posted by: cck | February 2, 2012

round ligament pain

I absolutely hate round ligament pain.

Yesterday, I made a call to the office because there was a pain – low and deep – and nothing was touching it.  For more than a week it didn’t stop – even with the ministrations of the giant heating pad and doses of tylenol.  Thankfully, my doctor’s office is really really nice to crazy pregnant ladies.  I’ve had round ligament pain before – I thought I knew what it was.  Previously, a dull ache over my left ovary.  Now?  Now it’s a constant elbowing to my groin.  Oh, how it aches.

My doctor was hysterical.  I’m still in the rotation – meeting all the docs at the center – and this one, I really really liked.  She was funny, and took the time to really show me where this round ligament is.  Yes, it goes all the way down there.  I appreciated it – even the sarcastic, “You’ll live!’ at the end.  She was sort of what I’d hope to be like if I was a doctor, and yes, now I’m hoping she’ll be the one to deliver this little cabbage.

So, no – it’s not my baby’s little foot tap dancing… it’s my body stretching to accomodate all this growing.  GROWING.  So much growing.  Meanwhile, this little girl continues to grow.  Her heartbeat (gah, such a goober when I get to hear it) is strong and fast.  Despite being scared about being a mom, I am really getting ready to meet her.  I cannot wait.

Also, any interesting treatments out there for round ligament pain?  Hook a sister up!



  1. I missed the direction to the new (new to me) blog months ago, so I just caught up on your postings. Congratulations on your pregnancy!!
    I can relate to so many things you mention – family drama, worrying, trying to get pregnant. Thanks for sharing. I hope all continues to go wonderfully!

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