Posted by: cck | January 24, 2012


Before Christmas, K and I had an ultrasound and we found out that this here fetus is going to be a girl child.  Of course, we weren’t sure before the doctor announced it, and while waiting in the lobby before the appointment we made a bet.  I guessed our child would be a girl, K thought it would be a boy.  The winner received rights to raise the child aligned with his/her political party for the first year.

I won.

She’s a Democrat from the moment of her birth until 365 days after.  No weepublican onesie.  No Mitt anything.  And while I can’t outlaw elephants in general, I can prevent the GOP collateral that seems to be creeping into my house a few days before the Florida primary.

As I was shopping for cute Big D baby clothes (and oh! there are a lot to chose from: thank you cafe press), I realized that I’m not in charge of turning this baby into a future Democrat as much as I am in charge of turning her into an informed, compassionate, knowledgable voter.  She’s going to be around a lot of political stuff growing up – both sides of the same coin.  It’s going to be an interesting tight rope here…  what with her father glorifying the choices he makes, and me heralding the choices I make.

Here’s hoping we raise a brave woman, who votes in every election.  I hope she can stand up to both her parents and follow her own ideals.  Secretly (or not so secretly), I really really hope we’ll have our politics in common.



  1. Congrats on the important win!

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