Posted by: cck | January 19, 2012

the dad cd

For Christmas, I made K a CD.  Yes, I still make him mixed tapes – it brings back memories of sitting in front of my parent’s giant silver boombox trying to tape things off the radio without including snippets of commercials.  So, I made him a CD of songs about dads and their kids.  I finally burned it for him – somehow he doesn’t get the whole iTunes playlist thing.

The first song, “You Are My Sunshine,” is one of my favorites.  It was one of my grandmother’s favorite songs, and I want to sing it to our daughter often.  Of course, it won’t be in the raspy Carol voice, but it will be something that’s passed down.  There are other songs that my mom and dad sang to me, like “The Sweetheart Tree.”  K seems to love “Daughter,” and while I don’t care for the lines about how the dad buys her everything she owns (ugh, brings back too many memories of the worst fight with my father ever), seeing/hearing it through him is a new experience.  He’s so excited about doing things for this baby – for teaching her how to do things, for reading to her, for loving her.  It blows my mind.

Y’all, K is going to be such a good dad.  I thought I was in love with before.  Ha!  Seeing him blossom into this whole dad thing is close to an out-of-body experience for me.  He’s so tender and sweet, and my heart bursts as much as it does when I see another little newborn outfit that this child absolutely must have.  Oh, the cuteness of little clothes.

We had our last visit with the perinatlogist yesterday.  Hear that?  LAST VISIT – as in, my baby is perfectly formed and does not need the attention of a perinatlogist any more.  Y’all, I feel like a million bucks.  She has perfect little hands, and long legs, and a chubby little tummy that I cannot wait to tickle.  Her heart is strong, her brain is BIG, and she’s absolutely perfect.  I have done nothing to screw up this child – YET.  I have the rest of my life to get on that.


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