Posted by: cck | January 17, 2012

oh, hiiiiii.

I’ve been trying to aggressively avoid stress.  Partially because of doctor’s orders (part of that whole staying sane thing), but also because I want to enjoy this short period of being pregnant without worry.  Not sure if you’ve ever seen my worry matrix..  Yes, I worry A LOT.  I swear, part of it is genetic – I come from a looooong line of worriers.  However, in my attempt to control I can take worrying to a whole new level.

Which is why I’m trying very hard to live by my matrix right now.

The company I love, and have thrived in for the past three years, is struggling big time.  As in, I’ve been assured I’ve got a job until maternity leave, but there are no promises after June.  After taking in that big cold gulp of reality, I realized that I need to start looking for a new job.  Not right now – when I’m (finally) visibly pregnant, but most definitely starting in May.  And I need to figure out exactly what it is I do…  I sort of launch companies – but what does one apply for?

I know I’ll be fine.  I’ve got a few months to get prepared (oh, hiiiiii! new skillz and portfolio and resume and networking!).  I’ve got three months after June to look for a new job before the moola runs out.  I’ve got three and a half months to brush up and get prepared before I start looking in earnest.  Usually, the hardest part is making the decision to go after a new job, and since it’s been made for me – it’s not really all that hard.  There’s a chance my company could survive – and a good chance that they’d keep me around when I got back.  However, I don’t want to live on the edge of the knife like that – especially when I’m the primary earner in my household.

So, there that is.  Oh, hiiiiii stress.  Thanks for coming for a visit…  Since I’ve got this under control, could you go knock on someone else’s door now?


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