Posted by: cck | January 9, 2012

nineteen weeks

I’m almost half way through this thing.  Wowsahs.

I finally get pajama jeans.  No, really.  After receiving a Motherhood/Destination Maternity/A Pea Pod Whatever gift certificate for my birthday, I headed over to the mall to find some clothes.  (side note: Ahhh, plus-size pregnancy clothes: WHERE ARE YOU? )  I need some pants.  And some shirts.  I have one dress, and a few t-shirts, but I need some things I can comfortably wear to work when I’m in the office… or out to dinner, or whatever.  I bit the bullet and purchased several flowy tops and pregnancy jeans…  You’ve seen them – the kind with the band across the tummy that looks like the top of pantyhose.  Oh goodness, I didn’t realize they were so comfortable!  I bought two pairs and may never go back to regular jeans.

Also, in hindsight, I wish I had purchased said pregnancy dress in multiple colors.  I’m making a mental note for the future.

Otherwise, I’m just clicking right along…  Seems like everything is right in the world.  I wish I could feel her moving more clearly, but I’m not going to fret over it yet.  I’ve seen her moving, and I know she’s healthy.  Last night I had a dream she didn’t have legs.  What kind of crazy is that?



  1. Did your Motherhood Maternity not have plus sized? Mine did, though I was amazingly able to fit into the XL of the regular size in pants, dresses, and a couple of tops there, and then bought a plus size in more tops. And the yoga pants. Oh the yoga pants, I lived in those, particularly my 3 week stay on hospital bedrest. I still secretly sometimes wear them around the house, shhh, don’t tell.

  2. Beth – they do! Of course, it’s one-and-a-half racks… Not the selection I’m quite used to (#firstworldproblems). And don’t worry – your secret is safe with me. I too love the yoga pants!

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