Posted by: cck | January 4, 2012

kicking off 2012

On New Years Eve, K and I were talking about the year – all the big changes that we had survived.  There was a big move, job changes for both of us, major accomplishments, the arrival of a fetus — and through it all, we liked each other.  It was the first year we could remember that no one threatened to leave.

Our life isn’t really as dramatic as I make it out to be – really, it’s not.  But, in our brief marriage (of almost five years) we’ve experienced a whole bunch of challenges that have kept us on our toes.  It seems like we’re finally enjoying the dance.

In the past four days, we’ve bought a crib.  We may be joining a Gasparilla krewe.  My job is changing (again), and it’s probably for the best.  K is happy at work and the stuff he’s been working on is finally paying off.  I’m not taunting fate to change course or anything, but this year just feels right.

ps. Gasparilla?  Hells yes.  I wonder if I can find a maternity pirate costume.


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