Posted by: cck | December 31, 2011

a new year

Why, hello December 31st!  How did you get here?

It’s been an interesting year for me, for us.  It’s been a good year, a great year.  Who would’ve thunk?

I think about years in review, the last decade for instance – and my life has grown and expanded so much.  I mean, duh – ten years ago I was just getting ready to turn 21.  I wish I could find my resolutions for 2002…  I wonder what I would’ve kept – what I followed through on.

This year – the coming year – I want to continue being calmer and more focused on the life I’m choosing to live.  More than anything, I just want 2012 to unfold the way it should.  I’m going to meet my first child.  At this point, I’m not sure how much can touch that.

Other than that… I’d like to develop a hobby.  I know, I know – a baby might be more than I can handle, but I would love to have a hobby… a new hobby.  Any ideas?



  1. […] the tree still glowing, my growing belly between us.  I wondered what 2012 would bring…  I looked back, apparently I was hoping the year would unfold how it […]

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