Posted by: cck | December 28, 2011

the nursery

Apparently, there are a gazillion ways to decorate a nursery.  I spent hours last night looking at ideas, blogs, and inspiration boards to find the perfect concept for a non-babyish baby nursery.  Yeah, about that…

It’s hard.

There are oodles of ideas with cute baby lambs and precious polka dots.  And oh – the pink.  Y’all, the pink.  It’s blush and bashful everywhere.  For some reason, I got this idea that I don’t want my darling daughter’s first room to look like Shelby’s reception.  I want it to be appropriately feminine, even girly, but not baby-ish.  This may be near impossible.

I did a little online window shopping at, and pulled fabric sample after fabric sample – and voila!  I had a theme of sorts, and at the very least a few color combos I was really leaning towards.  Although I started the whole project thinking solely of gray and pink, I veered off into cherry reds and aqua.  K isn’t convinced, but I sort of love it.  We’ll see.  I’m going to let it sink in for a while and if I still like it next week, perhaps I’ll start to jog with the idea.

Oh, goodness!  I’m planning my daughter’s first bedroom.  Why does this feel so weird?  I (ahem, we) decided on a name much faster – and with much less fanfare than this whole thing.  She won’t even know where she is.  Why do women do this?

In this instance, at least, it’s damn fun.  Fo’ realz, look at that gorgeous poppy fabric. She’s totes getting that (I really wanted her middle name to be Poppy, but K vetoed the idea).  Did I mention I got a sewing machine for Christmas?  There will be some serious projects up in herre.



  1. You totally write like I talk, fo realz. 😉 I’m super happy for you, thanks for pointing me this way to see what you’re up to.

  2. Beth! Thanks for following me over!

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