Posted by: cck | December 21, 2011

hey gurrl.

Ultrasound went swimmingly, if you’re okay with the crystal skull my baby has.  Note to self, cuddly pictures at sixteen weeks are simply not available with that sort of zoom.

In other news, I watched my daughter’s heart pump for about ten minutes.  I have never seen something so miraculous – well, I have.  Just not in my OWN body.  Holy shit, there she is – swimming around.  (Orange juice is best to wake up a sleepy fetus).  And yes, that pronoun I used with wild abandon… it’s a girl.  K and I are amazed and excited and totally overwhelmed.  Seems to be a constant emotion for us these days.  We seriously could not be happier.  K is sort of in awe… he has no idea what he’s in for.

I have incredibly high blood pressure, which I will hope to blame on the Chinese food I devoured last night and not that my body is giving up on me.  I’ve only gained 4.2 pounds since this thing started – which I consider to be very good (especially considering how much I seem to be devouring).  I go back to my normal practitioner next Tuesday and I’ll be raising the alarm.

And, the real reason for the Level II ultrasound?  My lamictal use pre-and-during pregnancy.  Guess what?  My baby is fiiiiine.  Her arms and hands look good, her brain looks good, her heart – lemme tell you about her gorgeous, strong heart…  The things that could be wrong are not wrong.  The things that shouldn’t be wrong are perfectly fine.  My baby is not hurt because of something I did.

I know, I know – lamictal is important for me.  I’m not trying to go for the golden ring of guilt or anything.  All I know is that right now – at sixteen weeks and three days – this fetus is healthy and thriving.  And that feels so damn good.  Holla, Baby Girl!



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