Posted by: cck | December 19, 2011

sixteen weeks

What up!?  I am sixteen weeks pregnant today.  SIXTEEN weeks!  That’s four months – which should mean I only have five months left… and um, holy shit I should probably think about buying/registering for some stuff.  I started reading two baby books – Babywise and Baby Bargains.  When I tried to share some of the bargain item stuff to K, he was so not ready.  He keeps talking about some European baby bucket?  Oh no.  I’m trying to make a play for this one instead (oh, squee!  so cute!).

Last week I ended up going to the doctor when the dull ache would not go away.  At four am, when I couldn’t go back to sleep because I could not stop thinking about the fact that my pelvis was on fire (and let’s face it, googling emergency rooms*), I decided I’d go in to see the doctor.  Thankfully, they were super nice about it.  There was no judgment – I feel like this humor-the-first-time-pregnant-lady thing will last for a little while longer.

In other news, I’m totally rocking some maternity clothes.  Yes, ma’am.  There is a real live baby bump – although I’m sure to the outside world I just look super fat.  I’m okay with that, I know I’ll be rocking the bump soon enough.  I haven’t succumbed to maternity jeans, but damn if I’m not loving the leggings and ruched dresses.  Awesome.  Never, ever, ever thought I’d be saying that about leggings.  But since I have a real-live baby bump and not just a fat-burrito tummy, I’m going to wear the heck out of some leggings while I can.

On Wednesday, we visit with the perinatalogist and we’ll find out what this fetus is – or at least more of a guess of who it’s going to be.  I cannot wait.  I’m focusing on the bonus of this visit – learning Baby K’s sex, and not the real reason for the visit: to make sure that the spine has closed.  Oh, lamictal, you tricky little minx.  I’m really hoping you haven’t caused any trouble.

And, oh sweet jesu, I hope I can start blogging about something other than this growing fetus.

*There’s an emergency room within walking distance – a half-mile away.  It’s reassuring, no?


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