Posted by: cck | December 12, 2011

fifteen weeks and cramps

I woke up this morning with cramps.  Good morning, fifteen weeks!

After freaking out for about five minutes, I realized it’s something called round ligament pain.  Yup – that strange stitch on my left side?  That’s my body stretching, growing, and strengthening for this here fetus.  The thing is about four inches long, but it’s rearranging furniture in there like it owns the place.

Also, it’s a week and a half till I find out what this thing really is: boy or girl.  I am so ready to stop calling this fetus “it.”

I purchased my first real maternity clothes this weekend.  I even tried on some maternity jeans, but – true story – I don’t need them yet.  I wonder how long I get by with a rubber band loop around the button?  So far, I’ve got enough clothes for all the Christmas festivities.  Fifteen weeks – it feels so much more real.


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