Posted by: cck | December 9, 2011


I haven’t been a Christmas person in years.  More than a decade of not-so-hot advents left me with a certain amount of dread when December rolled around.


This year I am all about the Christmas spirit.  My tree is up, my house is decorated, and there are plans to fully put the olds to shame with our outside light plan.   I am two days away from finishing all of my Christmas shopping (oh, Amazon!  I heart you!).  My Christmas cards are being sent out today.  I am on top of this Christmas thing – and totally calm about it.  It’s a Christmas miracle.

To top it all off, last night I dreamt I held this baby.  It was a good dream – there was absolutely nothing bad/stressful/scary/weird about it, save for the fact that I wanted to name our child MacGregor.  Instead of the strange stress dreams I’ve had, this was lovely.  There was this whole living person, and it was good.  I was blissful, and happy, and in love with this new person.

This Christmas is cheerful – with no other caveat or pressures.  It’s just – lovely.  If this is Christmas with a kid, I could get used to this.


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