Posted by: cck | November 26, 2011

twelve weeks

I still can’t quite believe there’s a person growing inside of me…  I know, I know – you’re sick of me complaining about the weirdness of being pregnant…  but really – all of a sudden, there’s this squatter in my uterus and it still feels like a bit of a dream.

I’ve had some trouble sleeping this week.  Of course, there’s been a lot of activity up in here, what with Thanksgiving and company and the cooking.  I’m going to blame my lack of sleeping through the night on my disrupted schedule (a week in Tallahassee and a week of vacation) and on the baby moving so that I now have to pee twice during the night.  Yeah, that seems about right.  If this weird sleep thing continues, I’ll start to worry – but not right now.

K posted the big news on Facebook on Thanksgiving day.  We’ve got a lot to be thankful for… and even though I know it’s a little early, it felt right.  How to tell you’re really in the digital age?  It took us more time than I care to admit – over several days – to craft the right message.  Goobers = us.

Next up?  A higher-level ultrasound with a perinatologist at All Children’s, right before Christmas.   We’ll find out this baby’s sex, and make sure that the spine has closed and the palate seems to be on its way successfully.  Oh, Lamictal – let’s hope four weeks of your use didn’t cause this fetus too much trouble.

I’ve started looking at nursery ideas – and oh-squee(!) this stuff is so cute.  Seriously, look at the little admiral or the sail away boards.  Okay, so maybe it’s getting a little real.


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