Posted by: cck | November 22, 2011

twelve weeks + an ultrasound

Last night, I dreamt I miscarried.  Of course, my mother was standing next to me, so I knew it was a dream.  But hot damn.  I woke up, flipped the pillow (bad dreams live on one side, obvs) and continued sleeping.  Or mostly sleeping.

I have an ultrasound today, and my baby is twelve weeks + 2 days, and I’m oh-so-nervous.

I told myself I’d play this cool – this nuchal fold/translucency test.  I told myself that I’d be calm and collected, because this baby is fiiiiine.  However, that might not be the case until I see a nasal bone, a pinky finger bone, and the tech tells me we’re absolutely a-okay.

Stress and parenting have been best friends since forever.  Although I’m far more laid back than I originally thought I would be…  I am still me (the girl that bought ten dollars worth of organic potatoes for Thanksgiving, because omygawd the pesticides!).

Meanwhile, not so subtle dream hint.  My mother = miscarriage.  Right?

I’ll update with some new uterus pictures later today…


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