Posted by: cck | November 16, 2011

thump thump

On Monday, I heard this baby’s heartbeat.  Whoa.

I cried.  I was just laying there on the table, with goo on my tummy, and I simply couldn’t believe it.  It’s still there.  It’s still growing.  (Of course, the techs couldn’t find the heartbeat at first.  Um, don’t let a pregnant lady on a table think you can’t find her baby’s heartbeat.  Seriously, lady techs, get it together.)

I’ve been reading to my fetus, even though I know it can’t hear yet.  I’ve been slowly, but surely, trying to bond with this thing.  Next week, I get an ultrasound and I’ll really see something that looks more like a baby than the sac I saw at six weeks.

Despite my trouble completely believing I’m pregnant, this whole thing is so freakin’ divine.  I cannot get over my awe of this process, this journey.  Each time I think about my (MY!) baby growing inside of me – I’m just blown away.  A good friend sent me a TED video yesterday (below), and I was again reminded how normal all of this is.  Women have been birthing babies for as long as our species has been walking the earth.  I’m good; we’re good.

Thump, thump, thump.  (Or more like, thwocka, thwocka, thwocka.)  Keep on beating, little heart.


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