Posted by: cck | November 1, 2011

nine weeks

Hi.  I’m nine weeks pregnant.  This thing growing inside of me has ears, and eyes, and totally indistinguishable boy or girl parts.

I think I’ve sort of popped a bit – it’s hard to tell.  Being as overweight as I am, I just look like I ate a really big burrito.  But there’s a definite bump where one was not.  And I’ve decided that the bump is totally my baby.

I’ve been off medication for more than three weeks, and am still doing good.

We’re heading for a big family party this weekend, and I’ve got nothing to wear.  Not because my clothes are too tight or anything… more because I haven’t bought party clothes in a very very long time.  Tomorrow, I’m going shopping for a pair of maternity pants.  I have to go to the home office in a few weeks, and I have a feeling the ole khakis might be struggling…  If I have to buy something, I’d rather buy something that I can continue to wear.  Right?  Any advice on prego clothing?

Other symptoms?  I’m still queasy, but less so.  The fatigue is KICKING MY BUTT.  I am so tired.  If I don’t get into bed by 9, I am so overtired by the time I do get in that I have trouble getting to sleep.  Last night K told me I was fussy – and he was exactly right.  I don’t like being overtired, so no more adult television for me for a while.

My boobs are gigantic.  I ordered new bras (which should be here Thursday!  Thank you, Jesus!) in sizes that bras shouldn’t be made in.  I’ve always had a nice rack, but damn.  This is bordering on ridiculous!

In two weeks, I go for a blood test.  And in three weeks (right before Thanksgiving) we get to see Baby K.  Can’t wait, kiddo.  Can’t wait.


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