Posted by: cck | October 10, 2011


I ended up taking a pregnancy test on Friday afternoon. And then three more on Saturday morning. And then – maybe – I took another one on Sunday morning just to make sure nothing had changed.

After spending a small fortune on tests, I’m headed to my clinic in an hour to get a blood test to confirm that I’m pregnant.

Holy shit.  Pregnant.

There are so many feeeeeelings.  I’m so lucky.  I feel like a fake.  I feel pregnant and queasy; I feel not-pregnant and like I could climb a mountain.  I’m scared, I’m excited, I’m absolutely over the moon.  And the weirdest thing is how much I already feel bonded to a tiny sac of cells.  (see also: cannot possibly be pregnant b/c there’s not really a baby in there yet)  It’s early – it has to be early.  I know a million things can happen.  I’m not exactly telling people.  Of the seven people that read this blog, two I know personally.  One already knows and the other might be a bit shocked. I’m not putting it on facebook or anything like that.  Or telling work.  Or, um, telling people.  Even though I want to shout it to everyone I see.  Maybe hire a sky writer?

I think I need to hit Vegas.  K and I just totally beat the odds.  Pregger McPregger.  Holy shit.


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