Posted by: cck | October 6, 2011

got nothin’

I’ve been up to not much.  I made a blanket – yes, a whole blanket for the cutest baby girl.  It was fun – and somehow really personal.  With each stitch (okay, not every stitch, but most of them), I thought about her, and her mom and dad and brother.  I am so happy for this family…  I hope that K and I can be good parents like they are.

My work life sort of makes me insane right now…  I’m involved in testing a new application and the preciseness and detail make my head spin.  I miss thinking about color palettes and font choices and… branding.  I hope we can finish this up soon.  I need to get my hands in something creative and pinterest just isn’t cutting it.

field spidersI’m excited for Halloween.  I want to decorate our house with spooky ghosts – but K is convinced it will look like KKK heads hanging from our trees.  I’m not necessarily upset with that.  Down the road, there’s a field and there are these GIANT spiders hanging out.  It’s super cool.  And completely unexpected… just the way perfect Halloween decos are meant to be.



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