Posted by: cck | September 20, 2011


For many (many) years I’ve delighted in the fact that I don’t have a period.  Fo’ realz, not having a monthly reminder of my femaleness was quite delightful.  No cramping.  No bloating.  No tampons, panty liners or pads.  I knew how good I had it – I tried not to gloat when I walked down the aisle with tampons.

And now, after four days of provera, I’m anxiously awaiting on my period.  The first day of my period starts all the magic that is my first round of IUI.  Last time, I started my period on the third day (after three pills).  It’s now the fifth day since I started taking provera (four pills down, three to go).  I anticipated my period starting yesterday – but, no go.

I’m traveling to the home office this week.  Usually, I have the dates planned the week ahead of time, reservations made, room reserved for me in the office.  This time, I’ve been so vague that even my boss began to question what was going on.  A quick, “Do you really want me to tell you?” got the message across…  One of the things I love about working with all men is that a cocked eyebrow and an allusion to “woman problems” is all I really need to offer up.

So we wait.  Period Watch Day Five.  Yeah.



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