Posted by: cck | September 16, 2011

ask and ye shall receive

I’ve been stressing (duh!).  K’s morph is too low, I may not respond to clomid.  Blah blah blah.

Yesterday, K went for a follow up SA (semen analysis for y’all not in the know).  Usually it takes 24 hours to get results, but since my doctor is only in my local office on Wednesdays and Thursdays, they sped up the process for us.  And holy shit, am I glad they did.  Yesterday afternoon I got a call that alleviated so many worries.  We’re totally cleared for IUI (it’s like landing in Atlanta on time, and in the same gate you’re departing from!)

See, K’s low morphology rate (normal amount of sperm) was so low, that we could try IUI – but our doctor didn’t think we’d have good chances.  We don’t have the money for IVF/ICSI right now since everything is 100% out of pocket.  Everything else was good, but without enough normal sperm there wasn’t much we could do to make IUI really successful.  Our doctor agreed we could start there, but we didn’t have good odds.  I started K on a super cocktail of vitamins – poor kid was taking more pills than me.

Two weeks later (a month after the original analysis, two weeks after gobbling the daily vitamin cocktail), K had more than doubled his count concentration (the amount of sperm in each mL of semen) and we’re up to 4% morphology.  MAJOR CELEBRATION TIME PEOPLE.  We almost tripled the amount of normal sperm.  K was over the moon.  I am relieved.  We are both super crazy excited about the next two weeks and our upcoming IUI.  We are both super crazy excited about being parents.

I know way to much about my husband’s sperm, y’all.  More than I ever ever wanted to know.

Also, I’m re-reading Gone With The Wind for the billionth time and my accent is OUT OF CONTROL.  Y’all.


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