Posted by: cck | September 15, 2011

balancing act

It’s not enough that I’m supposed to relax (believe and you will conceive!), I’m also trying to balance support.  I’m pretty open about stuff.  Well, not so open that I’ll put my real name on my blog (hello! future employers!).

How do you balance getting support from loved ones, without feeling like everyone is in the baby-making soup?  We’ve told close family about what we’re going through.  My two aunts know just about everything.  Some of our friends.  Normal couples don’t have this kind of audience.  Normal couples don’t worry about how/if they’ll tell people they’re pregnant after the two week wait.

A positive pregnancy test is the pay off for all the support.  It’s proof that their prayers and hopes and patience paid off.  If it takes a village, how do you prioritize who gets told what about the results?



  1. Some close friends of mine knew we were going through fertility treatments… family figured it out with the Thanksgiving fubard.

    But then we waited to tell anyone we were successful until after the NT scan at 12ish weeks. We aren’t “old” per se, but we kind of are, so those results were important to know before we opened ourselves up to everyone knowing.

    But true confessions? I told a couple of my Greenville gals ahead of time. I needed someone to be excited with that wouldn’t tell anyone else!

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