Posted by: cck | September 14, 2011


I used to blog.  Then I stopped, and started blogging mostly over here.

However, sometimes I miss blogging about something other than my nerves and anxiety over fertility stuff.  I miss posting the funny, random things that happen in my life.  So, um, yeah – this is happening.

I love signage.  I’m not a graphic designer, but I do live in this space and if you’re getting married you probably want me to do your invites.  I’m that level of good.  However, as far as branding goes – dude, stand back.  I’ve got a good eye, and when I have the pleasure of working with talented people, we make some really really cool stuff.

Sometimes, people make really bad decisions.  Like the two out-of-home advertisers below:

What was this guy thinking? “Imma whip some fire into shape!”
Of course, he doesn’t have eyes or a nose – but does have a mouth?
How does that work, exactly? How does he master the fire, by yelling at it?
I’ll admit, it was an early Sunday morning when I saw this all white (slightly creepy) van.
Now, intellectually I get that this is probably a carpet cleaner.
I can’t help thinking that that man is doing something dirty to that weird bird.
It just doesn’t look right. Bad signage.

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