Posted by: cck | September 8, 2011

relax and wait

I’m trying to relax.  It’s not working.

My fingers won’t stop visiting forums and other places where women (and I imagine – some men) talking about their fertility woes.  I’m simultaneously jealous and happy for the women with their BFP*(!!!).  Dude, the lingo alone has me googling every few minutes.  So many acronyms.

K seems fine.  Last night when I told him he should start drinking Mellow Yellow because of something I read on some board – he slowly, carefully closed the laptop and told me it was time for bed.  His patience is remarkable – if he can keep this up, he’ll be one helluva dad.  And I might just be able to get through this without losing my head to Google, MD.

In the meantime, I’m having a delightful life.  I have this thought – this visualization about telling our family at Thanksgiving.  If I can just dream of that moment enough, maybe it will come true.

*BFP = big fat positive
not to be confused with BFN or Big Fat Negative


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