Posted by: cck | September 8, 2011

in other news

K and I went to trivia last night.  While I was a tri-delta, living the life at Carolina (or something like it), K was on the Collegiate Trivia team.  Yeah, our collegiate experiences were dramatically different (or, I like to pretend that they were – we won’t get into my mock trial championship).  He takes trivia very seriously…  we went a few weeks ago and when we came in fourth – I thought he might cry.

Well, not cry – but there was major pouting going on.

We came in third the first game, and K was having such a good time we ended up staying for a second game.  We were in second place during the second game, until a simple question stumped K: what was the first antibiotic?  I knew it was penicillin, but K was convinced it was “sulfa drugs.”  Then, he had to be Mr. Smartypants and go with “mercury” because it was used to treat syphilis.  (sidenote: I really hope I don’t get weird googlers from this post).  Yeah, the answer was penicillin, but K called bullshit.  Loudly.  Immediately, this other team looked at our table for the telltale bottles of beer and/or cocktails that such an outburst would have caused.

There were none.  K gets feisty about trivia and there’s not a damn thing I can do about it.  We didn’t win.  I think we came in seventh.  Pitiful.
Still one of the best nights out in a while.  I love our little town.  We walk to dinner, take an extra block home and hold hands in front of the Presbyterian Church (don’t ask me why).  I know I’ve whined about it before, but our first few years of marriage wasn’t worth writing home about.  We barely made it.

I am so glad we did.  I am so glad I didn’t give up – that he didn’t give up.


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