Posted by: cck | September 1, 2011

nerves 1.0

Today is the day of test results.  Woo-hoo, it may just be a two post day.

I’ve written down questions (there are many).  Wish us luck.

We always knew K was special – I believe the term his grandfather uses is that all of us are 2%ers, as in the top 2%.  This is the first time I haven’t been happy about that statistic.  We’re looking at a morphology of 3%.  Bet you didn’t know that sperm come in all different sizes and shapes, some even have two heads.  Or two tails.  Or are just plain strange.  So out of the millions and millions little swimmers, only 3% are actually normal enough to be the lucky sperm that gets with my egg.  Or eggs.

Although our doctor immediately suggested IVF and ICSI, we’re going to start with IUI.  We don’t have the money for IVF – and if we did, I’m still not sure that’s the path we’d take.  Of course, I’m not sure – we’re not facing this decision right now.  She gave us a 10% chance with IUI.  We’ll start with clomid and a trigger shot.

We’ll start and then we’ll go from there.  That’s how this is.  Y’know – the one thing about being a 3%er… it only takes one.


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